About Asia Index Pvt. Ltd.

Asia Index Pvt. Ltd is a 50-50 partnership between S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, the world’s largest provider of financial market indices, and BSE Ltd, Asia’s oldest stock exchange and home to the iconic SENSEX index - a leading indicator of Indian equity market performance.

Asia Index Pvt. Ltd, which combines the benchmarks, market intelligence, and insights of both parent companies, each established more than 115 years ago, aims to provide a full array of indices enabling global and domestic investors to participate in South Asia’s vibrant economies.

Asia Index Pvt. Ltd is committed to processes, policies, and procedures that are aligned with industry best practices as well as rules and regulations impacting our business. With respect to IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks, which articulate policy guidance and principles for benchmark-related activities, download our Adherence Review.

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Asia Index Pvt. Ltd

BSE Building
14th Floor, P. J. Towers,
Fort, Dalal Street,
Mumbai-400001, India

Tel: +91-22-22725200
Email: index_services@spbse.com

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Our Services

Custom Indices

Through our independently calculated solutions, clients can create custom indices to meet their specific investment criteria. Whether creating a slice of one of our existing indices or a white label version, we construct, maintain and disseminate custom indices for investors, exchanges and ETF providers around the world.

Data and Index Licensing

Our indices are licensed to financial institutions around the world as the basis for a wide range of financial instruments. We also offer index data subscriptions across asset classes for clients who require consistent measures of market performance and need underlying data on component securities.